Consortium Chair’s Message


Message from the Consortium Chair

It is with pleasure that I introduce the American Consortium of Universities (ACU) whose member and affiliate institutions offer a wide range of technical, professional, graduate, undergraduate, and special training programs. Our website is designed as a convenient reference for educational advisors, placement counselors, sponsors, parents, and students, showcasing a select group of universities committed to meeting the diverse educational needs of students worldwide.

ACU members and affiliates are accredited institutions with superior programs and features, serving the educational needs of thousands of students from around the world. The scope of ACU’s offerings is vast, varied, and far-reaching, ranging from associate degrees to doctoral programs in numerous fields, including advanced science, engineering and technology, and programs as diverse as accounting, engineering, law, business administration, textiles, nutrition and sports medicine.

ACU is not only about strong academic programs. Students flourish personally and academically at these institutions which are committed to providing not only quality classroom experiences x to their students but also superior services, facilities, caring staff and outreach programs. That commitment stems from a mission not only to help students excel educationally but to enlist their contributions to enrich the learning environments for all. International student participation in these programs contributes to all students’ cross-cultural learning, which leads them to be better global citizens and promoters of peaceful coexistence.

Thank you for your interest in ACU. We hope that this website will familiarize you with our offerings, answer some of your initial questions, and assist you in the selection of a school for yourself or for those you counsel.

We look forward to your inquiries and to meeting the educational needs of your students

Warm regards,
Ahad Shahbaz
Chairman of the Board