ACU Academic Programs

Explore the academic offerings of the universities where the US INTERLINK Language Centers are located. Degrees are listed in alphabetical order and can be filtered by degree or level of degree offered in the table below.  Use the search box below to tailor your search to specific levels of study.

Degree categories have been generalized as undergraduate (B), graduate (M), and doctorate (D) levels as well as Concentrations (C). For specific degree types, related concentrations, two-year degrees, and certificates at all levels, please refer to ACU member websites. 

Accounting B BM BM B BM B
Acting BM
Actuarial Science B
Advanced Manufacturing Management B
Adult Education and College Teaching B MD
Advocacy and Service for the Deaf B
African American and African Diaspora Studies B B
Agricultural Business B
Agricultural Education BM
Agroecology B
American Sign Language B
American Studies BMD B
American Indian Studies B
Analytics and Modeling M
Animal Science (Range Science) BMD
Animal Systems B
Anthropology B B
Apparel Design B B
Apparel Merchandising B
Applied Economics M
Applied Geography M
Applied Statistics M B
Archaeology B
Architecture (Environmental Design) BM
Architectural Engineering Technology B
Art Design B
Art Education B B B B
Art History (Visual Studies) BM B B B
Art Studio BM
Arts Administration B M
Asian American Ministry M
Asian Studies B B
Astronomy B
Athletic Training BM M
Automation and Control Engineering Technology B
Automotive Engineering Technology B
Aviation Management B B
Behavioral Neuroscience B
Biochemistry B BM B
Biochemistry (Medicinal) D
Bioengineering B B
Biological Sciences (Ecology) D BMD B
Biology BMD B B BMD B
Biology (Applied Human) B
Biology (Cellular and Molecular) B
Biology (Environment) B
Biology (Physiology) D B
Biology with Specialization in Medical Laboratory Science B
Biomedical Sciences B
Bio-Resources Engineering B
Biotechnology B B
Birth-Kindergarten Interdisciplinary Studies in Education & Development BM
Book Arts B
Business Administration BM MD BM BM BM
Business Analytics B
Business and Applied Theology M
Business Economics B
Business Education B
Business Studies B
Career and Technical Education M
Cell Biology and Neuroscience (Medical) BMD
Ceramics and Sculpture B
Chemical Engineering BMD
Chemistry B B B BM B
Chemistry / Biochemistry BMD BMD
Chemistry Research B
Christian Scripture M
Christian Studies M
Christian Theology B
Child, Youth & Family Development B
Chinese Studies M
Chinese and Japanese Studies B
Christian Leadership M
Cinema and Digital Media Studies BM
Civil Engineering BMD B
Civil Engineering Technology B
Classics B B
Classical Civilization (Greek or Latin focus) B B
Classical Language and Literature B B
Clinical Mental Health Counseling M
Clinical Psychology D M
Communication BM B M B
Communication Sciences and Disorders BMD
Community Counseling MD
Community Health B
Community Health Education B B
Community Recreation & Special Event Management B
Comparative Global Inquiry
Computational Mathematics D
Computer Engineering B B
Computer Engineering: Game Design, Game Development B
Computer Engineering Technology B
Computer Network Administration B
Computer and Network Security B
Computer Science BM BMD B B BM B
Conflict and Peace Studies BM
Conservational Biology & Ecology B
Construction Engineering Technology BM
Construction Management B B
Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies BMD
Costume Design and Production B
Counseling and Educational Development MD
Counselor Education D
Couple and Family Counseling M
Creative Writing M M B
Criminal Justice BM
Criminal Justice / Peace Studies BM
Criminology BM B M B
Curriculum and Instruction MD M
Cyber Security M
Dance BM
Dance Studies B
Data Analytics B
Data Science M
Design and Theater Technology B
Dietetics B B
Digital Education Leadership M
Digital Media BM
Divinity M
Drama BM
Early Care and Education B
Early Childhood Education MD BM M
Early Childhood Education & Child Services B
Earth and Quaternary Science M
Economics B BM B B BMD B
Economics and Computer Analysis B
Education BMD D MD B
Education: Alternative Routes to Certification B
Education: Middle School, Junior High, Senior High B B B
Education: School Psychology M
Education: Primary M
Education: School Counseling M
Education: Secondary B B M
Education: Teaching Math and Science M
Educational Administration MD M MD
Educational Leadership MD M MD B
Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation MD B
Educational Technology M
Electronics and Computer Technology M
Electrical Engineering BMD B B
Electronics Engineering Technology B
Elementary Education BM B B B
Engineering Technology B
Engineering B
English BM BM B B BMD B
English Studies and Communication M
English Teaching B
Entomology M B
Entrepreneurship / Small Business B M
Environmental Engineering MD
Environmental Health Science D
Environmental Horticulture B
Environmental Microbiology B
Environmental Science B BMD B B
Environmental Studies (Sustainability Studies) B BMD B B
Equine Studies B
Ethics and Values M
Ethnic Studies B
Exercise Science B B B
Faith and Business M
Family & Consumer Sciences M B B
Farm & Ranch Management B
Film & Photography B
Film Studies B
Film and Video Production M B
Finance B B B B BM
Financial Engineering B B
Financial Services B
Fine Arts BM
Fish & Wildlife Management MD
Fitness Leadership B B
Food & Nutrition B B B MD
Food Service Management B
Foreign Languages and Literatures B
Forensic Psychology B B
French B B BM
Fundamentals of Business B
Gender Studies B
General Engineering B
General Studies B B
Genetic Counseling M M
Geography M BMD BMD B
Geography Education
Geology BMD
Geospatial & Environmental Analysis B
German B BM
Gerontology M M
GIS / Planning B
Global Apparel and Related Industries BM
Global Studies B B
Graphic Design B B
Guidance and Psychological Services / Counseling D
Health Administration M M
Health Enhancement K-12 (& PE) B
Health Care Leadership B
Health and Fitness Education B
Health and Human Performance BM
Health Program Administration M
Health Sciences BMD
Health Services B
Health Studies B
Higher Education MD
Human Aging B
Human Behavior and Society BM
Human Development and Family Studies B BMD
Human and Environmental System B
Human Nutrition and Dietetics B
Human Performance and Fitness B
Human Resources M M B
Human Resource Development for Higher Education and Industry BM
Humane Education M
Immunology & Infectious Diseases (Agriculture) MD
Individual & Family Development B
Industrial Automotive Technology B
Industrial Engineering BMD B
Industrial Management Engineering M
Industrial-Organizational Psychology MD
Industrial Technology B
Information System B
Information System and Operations Management BM BMD
Information Technology B M M
Information Technology and Computing M
Information Technology and Management M M
Insurance and Risk Management B
Integrated Science B
Instructional Leadership
Integrated Studies B
Interior Architecture BM
Interior Design B
Interior Design Merchandising B
Interior Architecture Design B
International Business B B B
International Commerce and Policy M
International Economics and Finance M
International Economics and Cultural Affairs B
International / Global Affairs & Development B
International / Global Arts and Belief System B
International and Global Human Rights B
International Relations B
International Service B
International Studies B B
Interpreter Preparation B
Japanese B
Kinesiology B BMD
Land Rehabilitation BM
Land Resource & Environmental Sciences BM
Language Studies B
Language Studies - Teaching B
Latin B
Latin American and Caribbean Studies B
Latin American / Latino Studies B
Legal Studies B BM
Leisure Services Management M
Liberal Studies B M M
Library and Information Studies M
Linguistics and Cultural Studies B
Literacy M
Literature B
Livestock Management & Industry B
Management Information System B
Management B B B M B
Manufacturing Engineering Technology B
Marketing B B B B BM
Marriage and Family Therapy M
Materials Science D
Mathematics BM BMD B B BM B
Mathematics (Applied) B
Mathematics Teaching B
Mechanical Engineering BMD B B
Mechanical Engineering Technology B B
Media Studies B
Meteorology B
Microbiology D BMD
Ministry Administration
Modern European Studies B
Multidisciplinary Studies B
Multimedia Journalism B
Modern Languages & Literatures B B
Museum Studies (Historic Preservation ) M
Museum Studies (Interior Architecture) M
Music BM B B B B B
Music (Instrument, Jazz, Keyboard, or Voice Performance.) BM BMD
Music Merchandising and Business Administration B
Music Composition B BM B
Music Conducting M
Music Education B B B B BMD B
Music Performance BMD B
Music Technology B
Music Theory M
Music Therapy B
Nanoscience MD
Native American Studies M
Natural Resources & Rangeland Ecology BM
Nursing BM BM B BMD B BM
Nursing Administration M
Nursing Education M M M
Nutrition B MD
Nutrition and Wellness B
Nutrition Science B
Occupational Safety Management M
Occupational Therapy M D
Operations and Supply Chain Management B
Organizational Leadership M
Packaging Engineering Technology B
Painting B B
Paleontology BMD
Parks and Recreation Management M
Pastoral Theology M
Peace & Conflict Studies BM B
Philanthropic Leadership and Service B
Philosophy B B B B B B
Physical Education and Health Teacher Education B
Physical Education / Health Sciences B
Physical Education: Exercise Science BM
Physical Education: Sports Management
Physical Therapy D D
Physician Assistant Studies M M BM
Physics B BMD B B B
Plant Science (Pathology) BMD
Political Communication B
Political Science B B B BM
Political Science / International Relations B B
Pre-Dentistry B C C
Pre-Engineering C
Pre-Law B B C C
Pre-Medicine B B C C
Pre-Occupational Therapy C C
Pre-Optometry B C C
Pre-Pharmacy B C C
Pre-Physical Therapy B C C
Pre-Veterinary Medicine C B C C
Print Making & Drawing B
Professional Aviation Flight Technology B
Professional Sequence All Grade (Preschool-12) Education PrograM (Fine Arts and English as a New Language) B
Professional Writing B
Professions in Deafness B
Psychology BM BM B BMD BMD B
Public Administration M
Public Affairs M
Public Health MD B
Public Policy and Administration M M
Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies M
Recreation and Sport Management BM
Religious Studies B B B
Retailing and Consumer Studies B
Russian Studies B B B
Safety Management B
Sales (Business, Healthcare) B
School Administration MD
School Counseling M M M B
School Psychology MD M
Science Education B
Science & Natural History Film Making M
Seminary M B
Social and Sustainable Management M
Snow Science B
Social Studies Education B
Social Work BM M BM B
Sociology B B B BM B
Spanish B B BM B
Spatial and Earth Sciences D
Special Education BM B BMD
Speech Pathology and Audiology BM M BM
Sports Administration M
Sports Media M
Sports Medicine B
Sports Studies / Science / Management B M
Statistics MD B B
Strategic Communication B
Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education M M
Student-Designed Major B B
Studio Arts B B
Supply Chain Management B
Sustainable Food System B
Sustainable Food & Bioenergy System B
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management B
Teacher Leadership M
Teaching M
Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) M M M
Technical Production B
Technology B
Technology and Engineering Education B B B
Technology Management BMD
Television and Radio B
Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising B B
Theater B B B B
Theater: Design, Directing B M B
Theater Education B B
Theology B BM
Theology and Ministry M
Theology and Ministry-Deaconess Track
Therapeutic Recreation B
Unmanned Systems B
Urban Planning BM
Urban Studies B B
Visual Communication (Graphic and Web Design) B
Wildlife Habitat Ecology & Management B
Women and Gender Studies B BM
Writing B
Youth, Family, and Education Ministry B